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Legal basis

The laws of the Republic of Germany prevails.
The local tribunal is the district court of the city of Velbert.

The legal court competence of other States and Countries (in particular France) will not be acknowledged.
International accords, that allow complaints in other states and countries, are expressly excluded.

This condition and all following ones apply for the entire Internet presence.
The loading and use of these pages and their contents is considered an implicit acceptance.

Provided that parts of this text would not entirely correspond to the actual legal position, they apply in accordance to its possible meaning. The validity of the remaining passages remains de facto intact.


This Web presence is a private, non-commercial offering, and a personal service by the author to those who have an interest in the presented theme.

These pages were established in good faith. Nevertheless no guarantees should be assumed that the information and contents offered are current, complete, exact or usable for any goal.

The author reserves the right, at any time, to modify, add or remove contents and offerings without any warning.

The author will never be responsible for any damages, whatever they may be, especially financial damages, business damages, damages related obligation toward a third-party, and damages caused by wrong information or due to a misunderstanding. This includes, but is not limited to, any form of service interruption, commercial loss, subsequent damage or inconvenience.


Most of the texts, images and programs on this site originate from the author. All rights and all future utilization, in whichever form, belong to the author.

The rest of the texts, images and programs come from free sources and/or with their respective author's usage authorization.

All the brands and product names, mentioned voluntarily or involuntarily in this page or one of the other pages, are the commercial brands of their respective owner. This applies in particular, but is not limited to, to words, like you find them for example in German and foreign language dictionaries and word collections, including their declensions and conjugations, as well as their combinations and resulting abbreviations, with or without punctuation.

Cross-references and links

The hyperlinks established on these pages by the author only serve for the information and convenience of the visitors as usual on the Internet.

A link or it's mention by name and/or by image does not imply any identification, collaboration or alliance with the contents, the authors and the owners of a provided foreign site, and all sites that you can reach from there via links, directly or indirectly, or whose existence you discover there.

At the time when the links to third-party sites were established, they were, in Germany, found to be free from any obvious illegal or indecent content, as far as a layperson in legal matters could judge.
Because of the variability of foreign content, and because the author has no influence on the owners, development or content of the linked sites, also the author cannot guarantee, that the links will remain in the future legal and harmless as they were.

Because technologies now propagated the adulteration of Websites through the use of robots, proxies, browsers and others, the author cannot guarantee that what the visitor sees, comes really as such from him.
The author does not take on the responsibility of the changes or of the consequences that may result from them.
Moreover these changes violate the copyrights.

Access / Limitations

The use of the contents of this Internet presence is free (as in free beer) and registration-free.

These pages are coded using ASCII, ISO-8859-1, HTML, XML, CSS, LZ and similar. Decrypting contravenes, regardless of the quality of these measures, several laws (i.e., UrhG, ZKDSG and StGB in Germany, DMCA in the USA).



A web-server usually logs accesses to the contents that it provides (caller, time, page and user-agent). As far as the author has access to these informations, they are exclusively used to determine the success of this internet presence and to detect errors.

The web server itself is not under the control of the author.

You should expect that providers of internet services record all data transmission and forward the results to  the homeland security authorities (e.g. police, secret services, armed forces).


These pages do not contain active contents that would execute on a visitor's computer.

The sporadic use of JavaScript is exceptional, such as you can find on some few pages. If a page could not really avoid its use, then you would be informed appropriately.


All letters to the author will be saved, as usual generally for private and business correspondence.

Persons interested by areas on this theme could receive later an eventual answer, especially if the author needs more information or some support.

Personal information

A few offers could allow or require the use of an email address or similar information. These would then be utilized exclusively for this intended and described objective.

The supplying of such information by the respective parties, is done on an expressly voluntary basis.

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