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  • The program finally works under MSWindows.
  • Some small improvements to the Automatic function (Thanks to J.Didur for the suggestion)
  • The Undo function added
    In older versions you only could remove marks directly within the diagram, regardless of the order in which they were made.
  • Pictures or drawings can be included in the presentation of the problem. The format used is now BMP, rather than PCX.
  • You can print a problem.
  • Additional optional languages for the user interface (English and French)


  • New packaging for the distribution via Internet


  • Support different diagram sizes.
  • The diagram entries can be saved.
  • The file format for the problems changed.
  • PCX pictures can be added to the presentation of the problem.
  • The magazine editor allows the use of their problems by the program.


  • First public release
  • Supports only Logik-Trainer problems

Copyright © Michael Pousen
Updated: 2002-06-22